The KING F8 ONE Length Combo Set simplifies your game for more consistency with a combination of irons and COBRA’s first F8 ONE Length hybrid all in one easy-to-hit set.

Stock Set Composition: 5H, 6-GW (7 Clubs)

  • What it is

    The industry's first electronically enabled ONE Length™ combo set features 6 irons and 1 hybrid. Each iron, including the hybrid, is designed to match 7-iron length and clubhead weighting.

  • Who it's for

    5 to 25 handicap golfers with moderate to higher swing speeds seeking an all-in-one, easy-to-hit combo set that delivers high launch paired with maximum distance and forgiveness.

  • Why we made it

    The KING® F8 ONE Length irons and hybrids have been reconfigured to 7-iron specifications, with improved construction technologies to deliver perfected trajectory and feel through the set.

F8 Combo Grass Laydown
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